Thursday, January 05, 2012

A La Kitchen

A La Kitchen
21 Fairburn Dr Unit #18
Markham, ON

After much deliberation on where to go for my father's birthday, we settled for A la Kitchen. This is my second coming here and after being quite impressed with the first time, why not come again? A La Kitchen has been open for quite a few years (5-6?) now but it wasn't till recently have I tried it and they serve up some good Shanghainese food.

We started off with some appetizers, from top left going clockwise: pan-fried shrimp, cold bean curd with mushrooms, drunken chicken, more bean curd and jelly fish. (Sorry, I don't know the exact names of each dish.)

This is so good! It's basically fish pieces that are deep fried in a batter with seaweed pieces served with ketchup. The fish is perfectly cooked, the batter isn't too thick and I love the hint of seaweed which isn't over powering at all; it's just perfect and I could probably eat the whole dish myself. Highly recommend.

I think this is called something like salted pork belly soup with bean curd & bamboo shoots.

I don't really know what this is called in english or chinese but it's egg whites cooked with crab meat served with a raw egg yolk. You usually mix the yolk in with the whites so the residual heat will actually cook the yolk and also eaten with black vinegar. Yum!

This is a popular Shanghai dish called Dong Po Pork which is made by slow braising pork belly in soy sauce with bok choy. The pork belly was tender but it wasn't melt in your mouth nor as moist as I expected, it was just okay.

How could you go to a Shanghainese restaurant without trying their xiao long biao (soup filled pork dumplings)? These weren't the best I've had but one of the best I've had in Toronto, the skin wasn't too thick and the filling was moist and flavourful.

On the top is a piece of lion's head, don't worry it's not actually lion. It's a giant pork meatball braised in some sort of sauce, this was definitely probably the yummiest thing I ate that night. The dish came with two giant meatballs and I probably ate one all by myself.
The bottom is crispy duck served with a little white bun, I didn't like it as much so I just gave it to my mom to finish.

We ordered a bunch of other dishes too but these were my favourites of the night.

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