Saturday, January 07, 2012

Vic Hong Vietnamese Cuisine

Vic Hong Vietnamese Cuisine
1070 Major Mackenzie Drive East
Unit# H5 Richmondhill, ON

I come to Vic Hong when I'm usually craving Vietnamese food or just want a quick bite. It's a small restaurant where you have to write down your order number on a scrap piece. The food is good but in my opinion not as Kim Po (but I do think Kim Po uses a lot of MSG).

The decor is kind of gaudy in my opinion.

Satya got the B.B.Q pork chop with rice, $6.95. He loved how the pork chops had a limited amount of fat and bone on them. Flavourful, nicely grilled and tender, needless to say he ate his dinner pretty fast.

I got what I thought was something else so don't judge me on how big my meal was. On my plate there is B.B.Q beef, shrimp on sugar cane, 2 spring rolls and vietnamese noodles. I could barely finish half this dish but it was really tasty and beef was seasoned well. My favourite part of the dish was the shrimp on sugar cane, I love how after eating the shrimp part I could just chew on the super sweet & juicy sugar cane. Oh yea, everything on my plate was $11.95.

My mom got fried pork on rice for $6.95. She wasn't impressed, the pork was too greasy and said she should have gotten the B.B.Q pork chop on rice instead.

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