Monday, February 06, 2012

Biff's Bistro

4 Front Street East
Toronto, ON

Going to Biff's for Winterlicious/Summerlicious has been an annual thing for Carmen, Philip, Viv and I, the first time we headed here was because I read good reviews and their dinner menu was only $25 and who couldn't pass that up (but this year it was $35)? Take a look at their Winterlicious menu.

Having such busy schedules, we try to at least all get together at least once a year!
I apologize ahead of time for the picture quality, the lighting was really bad.

I love the atmosphere of Biff's, it's like you're actually stepping into a light and airy French bistro. As soon as we got seated, we got a warm bread basket with some sour dough rolls (I love warm bread, +1 for Biff's already). I was incredibly hungry so I literally inhaled one, only after smothering it with butter!

Biff's has a daily special for $1 oysters after 5pm, how can you go wrong with $1 oysters? Philip and I started with half a dozen oyster between the two of us. They took kind of a long time to come but I guess they were taking their time shucking fresh for us. Fresh, salty, briny and served with a red wine mignonette, lemon and fresh horseradish. Simply Delicious.

We also got the Roasted Bone Marrow Pudding, $12.00, it was served with three pieces of toast, parsley salad and Maldon salt. I swear they mixed in some pureed mushrooms or something because it had a strong mushroom flavour but it was still super tasty. The toast was a little too toasted for my liking and the Maldon salt was unnecessary.

Okay. Time for the bones of this blog, my Winterlicious meal!

Carmen, Viv and I got the Cured Albacore Tuna. It had a little pickled radish salad and a harissa aioli, even thought I'm not sure what harissa is the whole dish was delicious! The radish salad gave a nice fresh crisp texture in contrast to the soft buttery tuna & aioli.

Philip got the Pâté de Campagne, it was nice cause the pâté wasn't completely smooth and had a new meaty texture to it. Really, really good.

For our mains, Philip and I got the Roasted Pork Belly.  It was served with pork crackling, braised cabbage and half a fingerling potato. It was my first time eating pork crackling and it tasted like the pork version of shrimp crackers, super crispy and light. Over all the dish was great, good contrast with textures and the flavours were mellow, clean and not heavy at all...even though you're eating a chunk of pork belly. The portion was small but I don't think I could've eaten a piece of belly bigger than that nor would my butt like that.

Viv got the Skin Roasted Arctic Char for her entree, served with lentils and green beans. She thought the fish was a little over cooked but an overall good dish.

Carmen got the Flatiron Steak Frites (sorry no picture), having a sharp steak knife was the only compliant; Carmen was having a hard time cutting the steak with what seemed to be a butter knife.

Carmen and Viv got the Gâteau aux Amandes which is basically almond cake. It was light and airy but I thought it was bit dry but no complaints from either of them and they seemed to really enjoy it.

Croissant & Chocolate Bread Pudding is what I got and I absolutely loved it! it was rich, soft and fantastic. Paired with caramel sauce which is my absolute favourite flavour ever! It was a win for sure.

The service was phenomenal, the servers were attentive and several people came over to make sure we were enjoying our meal and everything was okay.

Loved the food, atmosphere and service!

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