Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fushimi Authentic Japanese Cuisine

7501 Woodbine Avenue
Markham, ON

Here's a look at their AYCE menu.

Fushimi opened up a few months ago where Taste of Japan used to be. With a fresh coat of paint and a new sign, Fushimi emerged.

Besides the paint everything was the same, the layout of the restaurant, the tepanyaki tables and probably the servers.

The menu is quite extensive with a lot of items you don't really find at other AYCE sushi places. Example the picture below, I don't remember the name of this roll but it was awesome (kani, tuna, avocado and fish roe all wrapped up in thinly sliced cucumber)!

One thing that bugged me was it was hard to differentiate the rolls that you would typically know. Above on the left is the normal rainbow roll but on the right is what Fushimi calls their Dynamite roll.
Just seemed like they would take a shrimp tempera roll and put a different sauce on it and call it 5 different things, it just wasn't that exciting compared to other AYCE places.

Nicely fried tempera but the shrimp were tiny!

This is the tuna tartar it has tempera flakes, masago mixed in on top of some sushi rice with spicy sauce. It was good but the texture was just too mushy for me.

The ice lights up under the sushimi, how tacky! Honestly my face lit up when it did! Also the sushimi was pretty fresh.

Deep fried soft shell crab. Too fried as in it cut the roof of my mouth with no a whole lot of flavour.

Chicken Yaki Tori. Can someone say tacky? I liked how they used chicken breast though.

For some reason if we ordered multiple orders of the same dish, they would put them on separate plates instead of putting it all on one big plate, needless to say our table was towering with dishes.
All-in-all fushimi was okay, not the greatest but decent.

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  1. oh! you already tried it? i wanted to go too! what was the price like?

    1. not too sure but probably around $20 for dinner :/