Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glow - Fresh Grill and Wine Bar

Glow - Fresh Grill and Wine Bar
1090 Don Mills Rd
Toronto, ON

Cherry and I went to Glow at Shops on Don mills last night for a girl night, our deciding factor was the "Glowlicious" menu. Glowlicious runs from January 23 - February 13 and some of the proceeds will be donated to The Sandbox Project which I personally think is awesome! The fact that I can enjoy an awesome dinner for $25 and help out children and youth at the same time is a great idea.

You could pick from three appetizers, three entrees and their selection of mini desserts.
The lunch menu is only $15 and dinner is $25.

I love the atmosphere at Glow, intimate, inviting, warm and they have a colour changing ceiling! Who doesn't love when the ceiling changes colour?! They also have a somewhat open kitchen which is awesome.

We got the Grilled Calamari, $13which was topped with oven dried grape tomatoes, olives & capers over a bed of baby spinach. So tender and flavourful,  we both absolutely loved it.

I started off with the crab cake, I thought it was decent nothing really that special about it. It was pan fried so the outside wasn't crispy (which is how I like it) but all in all it was alright.

Cherry got the onion soup which was the soup of the day, it was a basically a French onion soup without the best part! I had a sip and I thought it was good, loaded with onions, not overly salty and it was piping hot when it arrived.
(I don't have a picture because it was too dark.)

I decided to get the Chicken Parmesan, it was served with sauteed sweet peppers, cheese and a warm arugula.  The chicken was incredibly crispy and hot when I bit into it, +1.
Overall it was an average dish.

Cherry got the Baked Ocean Perch with a Ni├žoise salad, one surprising thing was that the perch fillets still had the bones in them.  We weren't sure if there was supposed to be bones in it but there were a lot. Cherry even called over the waitress to ask, she assured us that was how the fish was served. It was just weird, I've never been to a restaurant where the bones were still intact to the fillet.
Besides the bones, the fish was well cooked but under seasoned.

I got the Peanut Butter shot and Cherry got the Lime Meringue shot.
Nothing special to be honest.

Glow is a nice restaurant but it wouldn't be my go to restaurant considering there are so many options at Shops on Don mills.
All-in-all I had a good food but better company!

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