Monday, March 19, 2012

Song Cook's Authentic Korean Restaurant

Song Cook's Authentic Korean Restaurant
6-72 Steeles Avenue W.
Thornhill, ON

Song Cook's situated right behind the Galleria Supermarket, walking up to the restaurant I thought it was going to be a lot smaller inside. When you walk in you're greeted by the hostess and you'll have the choice of sitting at a table or the at the tatami section where you seats on the floor, this time we opted to sit at a table but next time I want to try sitting on the floor.

Funny little man as the logo! So cute!

Complimentary kimchi which isn't as spicy as I would have expected, which I like. The kimchi  cabbage and radish are in big pieces so you can cut it yourself with the giant pair of scissors provided. The first time I came I had no idea what the scissors were used for until I saw other tables using it to cut the kimchi into smaller pieces.

I fell in love with one particular dish at Song Cook's on my first visit.

This is the Steamed Ribs marinated in Special sauce. Holy moly the meat is incredibly tender and flavourful and the sauce is savoury and sweet but more so on the sweet side. If you go to Song Cook's you have to get this! This is the small size, $10 but there is also a larger one for $20 but totally worth every single penny.

We also got the JaJangMyun which is basically beef and black bean sauce on noodles. I was never a fan of JaJangMyun but my mom said her co-worker raves about Song Cook's JaJangMyun so how could I not order it. One bit and I was hooked!

The noodles were cooked perfectly and still a little chewy but in a good way. The sauce was so good, I could've eaten the whole bowl myself and I intend to do so on my next visit!

This the Grilled Spanish Mackerel, I'm not a fan of grilled fish unless it's salmon but my uncle wanted it so we got it. When it came it smelt super fishy so I was already put off from even trying it.  I had a tiny piece and it tasted like it smelt, gag.

Last but not least we got the Spicy Stir Fried Pork it was basically pork stir fried with kimchi. It wasn't my favourite but it wasn't bad, it was just okay.

Delicious food to satisfy my stomach and good prices to satisfy my wallet!

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