Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inakaya revisited

126 Willowdale Avenue
Toronto, ON

I visited Inakaya a few weeks prior and it left me wanting more so what better excuse to come back than for my birthday dinner! Blog post here.

We got there around 6:30pm and it was already packed, the waitress carefully explained the specials and we took our time deciding what to get.

We started off with the Tempera Udon & the Nabeyaki Udon, it was a great start to the meal cause it was somewhat cold outside so it definitely warmed us up from the inside out!

I could eat 10 bowls of the udon myself, the best thing in the bowl is the broth.

We also got the Sushi Moriawase again, same great quality as the last time. So good and so fresh!

The Grilled Squid was perfectly grilled, not chewy at all with a light smokey, charred flavour.

I don't remember the name of this fish but it was super meaty and served with grated daikon, a little bland but i dipped it in some soy sauce and it was great.

On my last visit I saw multiple tables get the Beef Amiyaki and I knew I had to get on my next visit. I was super excited when it came to the table, couldn't smiling.
You have a choice between the regular beef or the Wagyu Beef Grill ($40), I was perfectly fine with the regular beef. The beef was tender and you could cook it to your own preference which is great, also accompanied with a soya based dipping sauce.

This is the famous Volcano Roll, $18that's on everyone's blog and a must get just to say you've tried it.
"Butter and olive oil sauteed sliced onions, blanched zucchini, rolled and torched sliced certified Angus beef on top, served on an iron plate with teriyaki sauce and thinly sliced scallions in volcano fire". The beef was super tender, not spicy and to be honest it kind of tasted like beef fried rice.

I fell in love with Spicy Scallop rolls a while but and since it was my birthday I had to get it. This came at the end of the meal so I was pretty stuffed and I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I could have. One complaint I have is that the scallop to rice ratio was off, wish there was more scallop! We also got a Dynamite Roll, nothing special though (no pictured).

All in all great dinner and everyone needs to try Inakaya, definitely make a reservation if you plan on visiting.
One of my favourite authentic Japanese restaurants in the GTA.

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