Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Lobster Trap

The Lobster Trap
1962 Avenue Rd
Toronto, ON

It was my birthday this past week and I kicked off the birthday celebrations with The Lobster Trap, one of my favourite restaurants. I've been coming here for years and the quality of food has been the same, which by the way is great.

The first thing you see when you walk into the restaurant is a giant tank crawling with lobsters! There's nothing posh about the interior, just a good ol' family restaurant with no frills just blue and white plastic table clothes. Oh, and lots of lobster traps and maritime paintings all over the walls.

If you only get one thing here it would definitely be the Lobster Bisque; creamy, rich and packed full of lobster.

I'm drooling right now!

We all got the lobster meal which (an additional $8.95) includes super buttery garlic bread, soup (choice of lobster bisque or clam chowder), a side dish (rice, fries, baked potato or garden salad) and a non-alcoholic drink. You also had a choice from 1lb to 4lbs and it starts at $27.75 all the way to $97.00.

The set-up, individual butter, lobster fork and a communal lobster shell bowl.

Now for the star of the night! Everyone got the 1lb lobster and you have a choice between steamed or broil, I couldn't decide so i got half half (I never knew I could do this until the waitress mentioned it!).

The lobster is always perfectly cooked, sweet and meaty. I definitely like steamed lobster much better but the broiled lobster was also good, just a personal preference. The broiled lobster is broiled with a garlic-y, buttery bread crumb mixture.

After being absolutely stuffed and completely satisfied with our meal, our waitress came to the table with some cake! We mentioned that we were celebrating my birthday and before we got the bill, she surprised me!
The cake was nothing special and it was still a little frozen in the middle but it was the thought that counts! Besides I ate it for breakfast the next day and it was great.

Needless to say I was doing my happy dance all night.
Got to thank my uncle Tony for treating everyone to dinner!

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