Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Big Moe's Burgers

3517 Kennedy Road
Toronto, ON

I'm super picky on where I eat burgers; I refuse to eat fast food burgers but I want something inexpensive and I don't like traveling downtown (Burger's Priest, Holy Chuck etc.). I was really craving a burger so dragged my boyfriend with me to try out Big Moe's Burgers.

Both Satya and I got the Juicy Lucy, $6.79,  Big Moe's cheese stuffed beef patty, how could you go wrong?

The burgers were juicy, not greasy, flavourful and just so darn good. I also loved how they toasted the bun a little, nothing worse than hot burger and cold bun.
Just the amount of cheesy-ness!

Satya really enjoyed his burger;  in the time it took me to take two pictures of my burger and eat 1/4 of it, he finished his...I'm not a slow eater in any means and I only spent tops 10 seconds to take both pictures!

They cook your burger to order so we had to wait for about 10 minutes, which I didn't mind at all. I would much rather have something cooked fresh and have to wait a little longer than to eat something pre-cooked. They burgers are cooked on the flat top which gives the burger a really yummy seared crust.

I read past reviews on Big Moe's, they used to have a foot long hot dog wrapped in their tornado fries (The Foot Long Twister Dog), needless to say they don't have that on the menu anymore.

Sadly after  scarfing down our burgers we were too full for funnel! Will definitely come back for more Juicy Lucys and try their funnel cakes.
Both Satya and I fell in love with the Juicy Lucy burger, it's nice knowing there is a good burger joint in the Markham area.

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  1. I love burgers mainly because of the tangy
    mustard flavor so it's safe to assume that I'm good with any burger. This, however, I wouldn't pass. It looks really inviting and I might drive there one day. Thanks for the awesome review!

    1. I love their juicy lucy, love the oosy cheese! Thanks for dropping by :)