Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buster's Sea Cove Truck

 "Busters Sea Cove has been a staple at the St Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto for over a decade. Known for our fabulous fresh grilled fish, calamari, fish and chips, locals and tourists alike have made our spot a downtown favorite."

I honestly don't think there's anything better than good seafood and when I found out Buster Sea Cove had a food truck that sold lobster rolls I had to check it out.
You can find where they are each day if you follow their twitter (@bustersseacove) or even like them on Facebook , the food truck is usually dock somewhere different each day so all over downtown can get their lobster rolls.

Look at that gorgeous lobster roll!

We finally arrived! On this particular day they were parked on the corner of Queen Street East & Jarvis with three other food trucks.

Walked up to the truck and didn't even have to think about it, the words "lobster roll" just came rolling off my tongue, $13.00.
The lobster roll came with a slice of lemon, pickle and a bag of Mrs. Vickie's chips...I guess that kind of justifies the $13.00 lobster roll.

The bun was butter up on the outside and grilled and there was a nice helping of lobster salad which by the way was super fresh with not a lot of fillers (just some mayo, parsley and celery). It was so good, I could've eaten 5 in one sitting! Only compliant was that the sandwich was smaller than expected but it did fill me up.

I would advise getting some extra napkins cause your fingers will be greasy and buttery by the end of your consumption. And because this is a food truck there isn't any seats for you so you have to venture off finding a quiet curb or park to enjoy this delicious sandwich.

I used to live literally 5 minutes away from St. Lawrence Market and totally regret not heading to Buster's more often! Next time I'm downtown again I will definitely drop by St. Lawrence Market for some awesome seafood!

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  1. Thanks for coming to visit us Jacqueline. Glad you enjoyed our grub. Hope to see you soon!
    Cheers, Tom