Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asuka Fusion Sushi

142 Main Street
Markham, ON

This little Japanese restaurant opened up on Main Street Unionville for a few months now, which once was a hooka bar. This little restaurant has about 4 tables which could probably seat a maximum of 20 people, they do have a patio but won't be used much since Toronto is cold most of the year.

Super small interior with typical Japanese decor & paintings, nothing fancy or worth mentioning.

Darren got two rolls, the Dynamite Roll & Spicy Salmon Roll.  The dynamite roll was just average but still good but the spicy salmon roll lacked salmon, the main component were the crunch bits from left over tempera. A little pricy for what they were but we figured Main Street rent was probably pretty expensive.

I got the lunch special which included a Veggie Udon and Spicy Salmon Roll for $10.95.
The udon came piping hot! The broth was flavourful and the udon noodles were soft yet chewy at the same time, perfect texture.

Overall the prices are a little expensive and the waitress wasn't very attentive considering we were the only table there. I had to walk up to her while she was on her computer to get the bill. Definitely not my first choice for Japanese food.

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  1. They added shoji screens to the entrance just recently. The little things make them very authentic as a small and traditional dining place.

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  3. First of all, I love the place. The exterior design of Asuka Fusion Sushi looks compelling. The combination of eastern and western designs made the entire restaurant exquisite. Now, I'm wondering how does the food taste like? I should visit this kind of place soon.