Friday, October 12, 2012


602 Dundas Street West  
Toronto, ON

I first read about Dr. Augusta's Samitorium on Twitter when blogTO wrote an article about them. They've been open for business for almost a month now right near Kensington Market.
I was in the neighbour hood and decided I would give their sandwiches a try, super glad I did.

The little 9 seater restaurant with black & white floor tiles and hints of red accents everywhere can be easily overlooked but the food speaks for it's self.
They have a chalk board menu and some daily specials on another menu.

What caught my eye was the Po Boy Sandwich, $8.85, cornmeal crusted shrimp, rose sauce, fennel & orange salad on a pain au lait bun. How does that not sound good?
Just look at how good that looks!
I had to kind of destroy if for you guys to see the inside. The shrimp were perfectly fried and still piping hot and the fennel & orange salad kept the whole sandwich super refreshing and light, made me feel less guilty for eating a deep-fried shrimp po boy. The pain au lait bun is much more flavourful compared to a kaiser, it's rich and milky? Not sure how to describe it. But it was a little too much bread for me.

Dr. Augusta is making old school homemade sodas, I got a Cream Soda, $2.75. You can see the little bits of vanilla bean through out my drink.
Some of the other flavours on the menu are: apple, lemon, root beer, gingerale and something called the New York creamer.

That you you guys for making such a delicious sandwich and welcome to the neighbour hood.

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