Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Five Guys Burger & Fries

Five Guys Burgers & Fries
865 York Mills Road

I never really like writing bad things about a restaurant but I'm so sorry to say that Five Guys is too overrated, not sure why everyone was raving about it. Darren and I continued our burger adventure to Five Guys one Sunday night, we decided to go to the new York Mills location which is a little closer to home.
We walked into white and red interior, no offence it looks kind of stark and cold.

Walk up to the counter to make your order & pay.

Also if you're allergic to peanuts, this place is a death trap! They have boxes of peanuts for you to enjoy while you wait for your burgers, no complaints there, they were salty and delicious. But the wait. I sat there popping peanuts n my mouth while I watched the lady ever-so-slowly put all the condiments on my burger. It was kind of painful.

I got the cheese burger and Darren got the bacon burger. There wasn't any beefy burger flavour or any flavour at all to be honest and the bun was soft and somewhat mushy. We both unanimously decided we should have gotten two patties. But my problem is don't offer the single patty if you were meant to eat a double, just serve the double patty. The only upside to this meal were bountiful array of free toppings like grilled mushrooms & onions which you wouldn't normally see.

Darren got the Cajan Fries which literally filled up and covered his burger. The fries were good but nothing special, just regular Cajan fries you could probably get anywhere.

The place started to get busy while we were half way through our burgers and suddenly 6 more employees came out to help and as soon as the rush was gone so were they. Both Darren and I were confused, what just happened? Oh well, they got the job done.

I might give Five Guys another try but highly unlikely, sorry.

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