Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Evergreen Brick Works
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto
What better way to lose your TUM virginity then at TUM's first birthday? I was so super excited when we got tickets for the afternoon party. It was a perfect day to celebrate a birthday at a semi outdoor event, the sunny was shining and the weather was perfect.

Even though the venue was packed the lines weren't too unreasonable, the longest this we probably had to line up for were the burgers and sausages from West Side Beef Co. which was a good 45 minutes. Also a bonus is that Carl Heinrich, the winner of Top Chef Canada, was grilling the burgers & sausages himself!
We burgers and & sausages were really good but not comparable to the burgers we had at The Grid T.O's Burger Day.
We actually started our food adventure with these bad boys, Samosa from Mama Nashi's. We got one of each flavour, beef & potato, butter chicken & vegetable. I think cherry would agree with me that the vegetable samosas were the best out of the three. Oh, served with tamarind sauce. Delicious.

How could we not try the sandwiches offered at Fiedel Gastro? We got both their sandwich offerings, one was a pulled pork sandwich which was packed full of flavour and a tiny bit of spice and there other one was a braised ox tail sandwich with a habanero sauce.
The Gorgeous Jorge which is the pulled pork.
The Toro toro, ox tail sandwich, loved the hint of spice you get at the end of each bite.

We also shared the Butter Chicken & Waffles and Thanksgiving pucks from The Royal Tree Beaver
The butter chicken was fantastic, full of spices and flavour but not too spicy. I love butter chicken!
These are the thanksgiving pucks, basically everything from Thanksgiving mashed up into a ball then deep-fried and topped with gravy and cranberry sauce. Kind of just tasted like deep fried stuffing with gravy which isn't a bad thing but it wasn't anything special.

As we were slowly making our way to leave Pimenton started making this! We were all just in a trance watching him make it so when they started to serve it up we had to get a bowl for ourselves. They called it a Seafood Platter instead of a Seafood Paella because it lacked vegetables and what a traditional paella consisted of. It was loaded with seafood with a kick of heat.
La Carnita was also there with their delicious fry to order churros with a goat milk caramel, the caramel was so absolutely fantastic! Later on the day they were serving Mexican Street corn & Pork Tacos, sadly we were incredibly stuffed.

I got a few things to take home, like eating all that wasn't enough. I really wanted to try the Maple Bacon Doughnut from Rachelle Dough Toronto but they were all sold out by the time I went back. I settled for the Apple Fritter which was delicious.
I also got two giant cinnamon buns from Little Tomato Catering, the two flavours I got were the Apple Pie with slices of apple throughout the bun and Mayan Chocolate with 70% chocolate studded all through the roll. They were both soft, delicious, giant and only $3.00.

Thanks to these people for always going on my food adventures AND driving me there too!

And Happy birthday TUM, to many more visits!

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