Sunday, October 28, 2012

Khao San Road

326 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON

Kevin & Joyce suggested going to Khao San Road for dinner last week for our monthly dinner date, I've never been so I quickly went online to read some of the reviews. After reading a couple I knew I was in for some amazing Thai food, bloggers deem Khao San Road to be the best Thai restaurant in Toronto. We got there around 8pm and still had to wait for about 15 minutes for a seat.

Khao San Road is a tiny restaurant near the entertainment district, no fancy signs. Actually no signs at all to indicate where the restaurant is.

We started off with the Garlic Tofu, $9, tofu is breaded in a crispy garlic & fresh kaffir lime coating served w/ sweet & tangy garlic sauce.

This was probably my favourite dish of the night, they used semi-firm tofu which I love and it came out piping hot and super crispy. You could taste the taste a hint of the kaffir lime which kept the dish light.

Joyce insisted on getting the Shrimp Chips served with Tamarind sauce, $5.

Maybe we were super hungry cause we devoured those chips so fast! They're different from your average shrimp chips

As for the mains we shared Khao Soi, silky coconut milk soup mix with red curry and lime topped with crispy noodles, $13. You had a choice of chicken or braised beef, we opted for chicken.

The soup was incredibly thick and creamy, it was more like a sauce. Chicken was tender and the noodles soaked up all the flavour from the soup. I really liked the crispy noodles on top too, gave the dish more texture.

Green curry is the only curry I get when I'm having Thai food, I feel like it's lighter and more aromatic, so it was no question (at least in my mind) we were going to try Khao San's green curry. Made with green chilis, Thai basil, kaffir lime, bamboo shoots and green peppers, this curry didn't disappoint at all.

Joyce got the Pad Thai (Sam Roas version) , $15, a little pricy for pad thai but definitely worth it. It was a perfect combination of flavours from sweet, salty, spicy & sour. It differs from other Thai places that use a tomato/ketchup based sauce which can be overly sweet and artificial tasting.

Probably the best pad thai I've ever had.

Two long communal tables with bar seating and smart hooks under the table for purses and bags.

After experiencing Khao San Road for myself, one of the best Thai restaurant's I've been to. The food is packed full of flavour, spices and herbs, nothing but authentic (not like I've been to Thailand though).  Definitely looking forward to coming back and trying the rest of their menu.

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