Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sansotei Ramen

179 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON

It seems like ramen places started popping up everywhere recently, starting with Kenzo & Guu's Kinton. Sansotei and Momofuku Noodle Bar are one of the more recent additions to the the reman scene.
Kevin, Joyce and I visited Sansotei late one Thursday, no line ups. We got some appetizers to share before digging into our ramen.

We started off with the Gyoza, $4.50, they weren't anything special.

We also got the Seaweed Salad, $5.00, also this was kind of typical.

I wanted to order the Zawgi (Deep fried chicken), $4.50, the chicken was super flavourful and most with hints of sweetness, savouriness & garlic-iness. It was served with a lemon wedge which brightened up the chicken and kept it less oily & and heavy, I really liked this.

Joyce, Kevin and I all got the Tonkotsu Ramen ($9.25), Both Kevin and Joyce got extra noodles. While Kevin got extra eggs, Joyce added corn to her ramen (pictured below). They were really hungry and finished everything in their bowls.

I on the other hand just stuck with the regular portions without adding anything, mine looks so empty compared to theirs! But I was stuffed by the time I finished it.

Everything about this bowl of noodles was fantastic, the soft boiled eggs with the runny yolk is super flavourful and just plain delicious. The pork was tender but I felt it was a little too fatty for my liking. The noodles were different from other ramen places, they stayed chewy and I feel like they were thinner than most places. But I think the highlight of the meal was the soup base, creamy, rich and packed full of flavour.

Highly recommend going to Sansotei! I heard that there were long line ups at Sansotei so I would recommend going early to ensure you can satisfy your hungry stomach.
I still have many other ramen restaurants to try.

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  1. Sansotei is my fav ramen place in Toronto as of now =)I been twice already, once for tonkotsu ramen ane once for miso. I prefer the tonkotsu a lot more than the miso because I like creamy soup bases.

    1. I still need to try a lot of the other ramen places downtown but i really liked sansotei!