Thursday, October 25, 2012


609 King Street West
Toronto, ON

WVRST is basically Octoberfest in restaurant form, a wide variety of sausages, fries and beer. From the outside WVRST can easily be mistaken as a lounge or club, the exterior bricks are painted a dark charcoal grey with bright red signs, super chic. You walk up a few stairs to the large open concept restaurant with big wooden communal tables and mismatched barstools is a perfect combination of rustic yet modern without making it look like a barn. Did I mention the lighting? Hundreds of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling give it more the restaurant a softer more feminine feeling? I'm not sure how to describe it but I really loved the lights.

Look at the array of sausages! Not a meat eater? WVRST has got you covered! Veggie sausage!

The deal with WVRST is that you order at the counter, pay, then they'll give you a number, you take a seat anywhere and they will bring you your order when it's ready. Don't forget to tip!

I got the Elk sausage infused with cumin & porcini on a bun for $9, which is a little expensive but totally worth it. When you get it on a bun you have two options for toppings: grilled onions, grilled sweet peppers, sautéed jalapenos and sauerkraut.

I really liked my sausage, it was moist and falvourful. I've never had elk before and it kind of just taste like beef but beefier. The sausage had chunks of porcini mushroom throughout. Yum!

Darren got the Chorizo on a bun for $6.

As soon as I saw Duck Fat Fries, I just knew I had to get them. They were probably the best fries I've ever had, they had the perfect crispy to soft ratio and the saltiness was spot on. For our dipping sauce we got the WVRST which was a spicy mayo based sauce, you don't get the heat until the very end.

When you first walk in there's a poster with the house rules. "if you can't handle your beer, order a soda." Cute!

Verdict: this place is a must try for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. I can't wait to come back and try their other sausages like kangaroo!

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