Saturday, November 24, 2012

Glory Hole Doughnuts

1596 Queen St W
Toronto, ON

I've been dying to try GHD for the longest time but it's just located so West and too far from home. The vintage-like style makes it so cute, neutral wall colours with pops of bright colour decor everywhere.

Look at this delicious spread of doughnuts, the glorious doughnuts range from $3 - $4.50 each or $20 for half a dozen. A little pricy for a doughnut but at GHD go all out on toppings like bacon, whipped cream or meringue tops and they are bigger than the average sized doughnuts.

I did my research before heading over so I knew exactly which ones I wanted. Between Philip and I we got 6 doughnuts and yes, I ate 3 by myself all in one day. I know it's a little excessive but when will I ever be near the west end again?
From top left going clockwise: The Elvis (peanut butter frosting, banana chip & bacon), Banana Cream Pie (pastry cream filling, whipped cream, banana chips & cinnamon dust), Chocolate Pistachio & Maple glazed.

This lovely beast is the Lemon Meringue, filled with lemon curd & topped with meringue.

This one was my favourite doughnut of the bunch, light yeast-risen doughnut with a buttery lemon curd topped with a light fluffy meringue. I wasn't a big fan of the meringue but I loved everything else!

Lemon ricotta fritters, 3 for $4. I wasn't a big fan of these, I didn't really like the texture but the flavour was great and it was a bonus for Philip, he got to eat all of them.

I love the doughnut girl collage!

Although I loved the doughnuts from here, it is quite far from home so I don't think I will be back for quite sometime.

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  1. Oh wow, looks like you went at a good time - lots to choose from. I was disappointed they didn't have the banana cream pie one I wanted during my visit :(

    1. yea, i went on a thursday afternoon but i also tweeted them to make sure they had all their flavours before heading there. what flavour(s) did you get?