Saturday, November 24, 2012

Santouka Ramen

91 Dundas Street East

Welcome Santouka, yet another ramen restaurant has graced Toronto.  Santouka Ramen started off a 9 seater from Hokkaido, Japan in 1988.  Now with restaurants all over Asia, United States and now Canada, how could I not try Santouka? Dundas literally has 4 ramen restaurants within a span of 3 blocks and just on the corner of Dundas & Church lays Santouka.

Philip and I came on a Wednesday afternoon and luckily the weather was in our favour, the 35 minute wait wasn't terrible at all. We opted to sit at the bar where I can see all the action happen.

Action Shot.

As the steamy bowl of noodles arrived at the table, I was incredibly excited and had high hopes for Santouka. One look down and my mouth started to water (heck, I'm salivating right now thinking about it.) Philip and I both got Toroniku Ramen, $15.90, this is the only one where the cha-shu is served on the side.

The Tonkotsu soup was piping hot which I love, so hot that I had to spit out the noodles I shoved in my mouth (classy eh? I know!). I always feel like the best part of a good bowl of noodles is the temperature of the soup. The soup is much oilier than most other places but Philip says it's to keep the broth even hotter. The pork was super tender and packed full of flavour, the fat just melted in my mouth but the best part was hands down the ramen. They were perfectly cooked with right amount of doneness, the best ramen I've had in Toronto.

As I enjoyed my noodles, I zoned out everything and just heard slurping. Yes, it was that good. As full as I was I couldn't finish my bowl of noodles yet even when the bill came I found myself still slowly picking at them.

Santouka is a little pricer than the typical ramen place but definitely worth every penny. Hands down this is my favourite ramen place.

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