Monday, January 28, 2013

Raku Ramen and Izakaya

8360 Kennedy Road Unit # 87-90
Markham, ON

A new noodle restaurant has replaced the ever so popular (at least in my books) Wonton Chai, Raku is serving up affordable ramen and sushi but I'm not sure about the restaurant being an izakaya though.
They did some construction to make the place more modern and sleek even with a semi private room for parties and such.

The waiters seemed to be a little frazzled, running around the restaurant but we're quite attentive and polite.
We started off with complimentary salad, it was just mediocre and nothing special.

I had to try their ramen, my mom and I both got the Tonkotsu ramen. The broth was flavourfu, creamy and not a bowl of salt overload. I surprisingly enjoyed my bowl of noodles, each bowl includes half an egg, 3 pieces of pork belly, corn and black fungus. Another thing I loved was how hot the broth was when it came to the table.

My aunt and uncle both got the Miso Ramen which was also equally as good.

We also got the Whole Grilled Squid, $9, which was disappointing. The squid was over cooked and tough.

The Grilled Salmon Belly, $8, was less disappointing but nothing special. The only problem was that the salmon wasn't grill but deep fried.

Raku is owned be Chinese people but are serving up above average ramen in the Markham area which is a bonus for us uptown kids.

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  1. I've also came across this place, nice little restaurant for those who loves ramen in the uptown area. I've also tried the salmon belly you've mentioned above during one of my visits there. It has take a good 15 mins before it came out to my table. I was being told it is 100% grilled from raw state. It was the reason why it took that long. I actually believed that due to the fact I can taste the difference from deep-frying to grilling.