Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shoom Shoom

7355 Bayview Ave Unit 6
Markham, ON

Shoom Shoom serves modern Middle Eastern cuisine, I came here with my family one night to check out their all you can eat soup and salad bar. Basically it's $13.99 for just the soup and salad bar but you can add a main dish for only $3. The main comes with your choice of meat (range from chicken kebobs, salmon kebobs, chicken shawarma, lamb or beef kebobs) or falafel and two sides (fries, sweet potato fries, middle eastern rice & steamed vegetables).

What I love about the salad bar is that they have dips (hummus, babaganoush etc.), grilled vegetables, different kinds of salads (couscous, tabouleh etc.), they have such a wide variety of choices! They also have two kinds of soups which are equally fantastic.

Just some of the things I got from the salad bar, I literally went back 3 times.

I got the lamb kebobs with sweet potato fries and middle eastern rice, everything was delicious. The fries were extra crispy and the lamb was tender and perfectly cooked.

My mom got the falafel dinner with sweet potato fries and vegetables. The falafels are super crunchy, crispy and delicious!

Shoom Shoom is an affordable, healthy, delicious all you can eat restaurant. I really love coming to Shoom Shoom.

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