Friday, February 15, 2013

Trevor Kitchen and Bar

38 Wellington Street East
Toronto, ON

For my last Winterlicious reservation, we headed to Trevor Kitchen and Bar. It was our first time but heard good reviews about the restaurant so we were all pretty excited to go. A bonus was that they had a large variety of delicious sounding items on the menu and all for $35. Trevor's is located in the basement level of the building so the lighting was super dim and the space was super cramped.

Joyce got there early but the hostess wouldn't seat her until the whole party was there, so when we all finally arrived the reception / waiting area was packed with people! We got seated right away and we all quickly decided what we wanted.

Sau got the duck & foie gras rillettes with pickled winter vegetables & baguette. We all had some of the rillette and it was tasty but it kind of had a tuna fish salad texture. One down side was that the crostinis were too hard.

Joyce, Cherry and I all got the honey lacquered pork belly with kimchi, soba noodles & jicama slaw. The pork belly wasn't as tender as we thought it would've been and all-in-all I thought it was just an average dish. Cherry didn't like the kimchi, she said it wasn't authentic enough but I thought it was okay. One thing I hated was that the soba noodles were broken into tiny pieces which made it hard to eat.

Jess got the macaroni & asiago cheese, it was so creamy and delicious. I could really go for a bowl right now.
All the the appetizers were all pretty heavy and filling for appetizers.

Jess, Joyce and Sau all got the port braised beef cheeks with sunchoke risotto & shaved frozen foie gras. Everything about this dish was absolutely delicious, the risotto was nice and creamy, the beef cheek was tender and flavourful.

Cherry and I got the steak frites, short rib & cheddar crusted sirloin with truffled goat cheese poutine. We were both craving for some steak but I thought the steak was kind of tough. I didn't really enjoy the poutine either, I wish there was some kind of vegetable on the plate. The dish as a whole was too heavy.

As for dessert I got the dark chocolate &caramel torte with peanut butter chantilly. Hands down this was the best dish of the night. The torte was basically a warm lava cake which was good but the star of the dish was the peanut butter chantilly! I could've eaten bowls of it.

Jess, Joyce and Sau all got the cookies & cream tiramisu. I had a bite and I thought it was just okay, nothing special. I enjoy tradition tiramisu much more.

Cherry got the crème brulée and it was good, traditional crème brulée with a nice sugar crust but there wasn't anything special about it.

Overall the food was good but everything was just too heavy and we could barely get up to leave the restaurant after. One major downside was the night was the service, it was pretty busy that night and they even had people eating dinner at the bar but the management should've had more servers on for a Friday night during Winterlicious. Our server wasn't attentive and it took a long time to get things like steak knives or water, and it just seemed like it was completely over it and didn't want to be there anymore. Also I absolutely hate eating in dimly light spaces and Trevor's was behind dark...I couldn't even see what I was eating.

I'm willing to give Trevor's another try for their regular menu, it might be better.

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