Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hunger Games

My sister and Chris sometimes like to play a little game called Hunger Games, this is not what you think it is. Basically they go around downtown Toronto going to different places and stuffing their faces with food. This Hunger Game is quite different from the one novel or movie.

Philip recently came back from his 2 month vacation and we decided to play our very own version of Hunger Games.

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour.”

Our first stop was Guu, Guu recently started opening for their lunch crowd with set meals that range from $8 - 15. You can find their daily lunch special on their twitter page, they update everyday. 

I got the Gyu Don, sukiyaki beef on rice topped with a half boiled egg, $8.80. Everything was delicious but not outstandingly so.

Philip got the Chirashi Don for $14.80, there was B.C tuna, salmon, scallops and salmon caviar.

Both dishes are served with miso soup and different pickle items.

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Then we ended up at Paulette's, my last visit here was with Philip as well. I felt like the first time our chicken was less greasy, I'm also not a big fan of cakey donuts so I opted to skip the donut part of Paulett'es.  You can read about my last visit here! 

 You can read about my last visit here!

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But since we decided to skip out on the donuts at Paulette's, we headed all the way to the west end to Glory Hole Doughnuts. This is my second time visiting Glory Hole Doughnuts and I must say their donuts are still gigantic and delicious! 

Philip and I spilt 6 and my choices were the Stuffing with bacon, Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana and S'mores. My favourite hands down was the Stuffing, it was savoury, sweet and everything you would look for in stuffing! It had chucks of cranberries and flecks of rosemary throughout the donut but I could do without the bacon, in fact I just picked off all the bacon.

Philip's choices were Rum Raisin Twist, Stuffing with Bacon and the Blood Orange.  Philip loved all his choices. and Here's the post from my first visit. The menu changes seasonally so take a look at their website before going. They took off their Lemon Meringue donut (which was my favourite from my last visit), they said it was just too much work but they might bring it back as a special. 

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Our last stop for the day was Butter Avenue, this was my first time here so I got half a dozen macarons to try. 

The flavours I got were White Chocolate Strawberry, Matcha,  Chestnut, Earl Grey, Sea Salt Caramel, lychee raspberry. I love the light, Asian inspired flavours here and they weren't too sweet.  Their macarons are $2.25 each which isn't a bad price compared to Ruelo which range from $3 - $5 (black truffle macaron). Butter Avenue in my opinion might have the best macarons in Toronto but I still have a lot of places to still try.

I didn't get a chance to try any of their cakes but everything looked too good to even eat!

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