Wednesday, April 10, 2013


122 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON

Last weekend I had a surprise early dinner with my family! My sister and Chris have been raving about Japango for the past year now and I've been dying to try it. Something you need to know about Japango is that the restaurant is incredibly small, like probably less than 20 seats small! I wouldn't recommend this  place for parties larger than 5.

We started with your typical appetizer salad and miso soup. The salad had a ginger dressing which was refreshing.

Even though our meals had miso soup, they gave us complimentary soup which was a clear fish broth with daikon, fish head and napa cabbage. 

My sister and Chris basically got the same thing, she got the Regular Sushi Plate.

Chris got the Deluxe Sushi Plate which just had a couple more pieces and instead of the california roll, he got a shrimp tempera roll.

My mom got the Regular Chirashi; came with tamago (egg), salmon, tuna, sea bream and seared tuna. They also garnish with a deep fried lotus root chip.  

I got the Deluxe Chirashi for $28. Yes I got the deluxe, don't judge me it was my birthday dinner! My sister warned me it was going to be too much food but I didn't listen. All the fish was super incredibly fresh and I love the selection of fish. Needless to say I was incredibly stuffed by the end of my meal.

Japango is absolutely a most try, you definitely get your money's worth but my favourite Japanese restaurant is still Cafe Michi. Both restaurants have equally fresh fish but Cafe Michi has delicious cake at the end of your meal!

They also surprised me with my favourite cake from Maxims, Strawberry Almond Meringue cake!

This was the first of many birthday meals and t was probably the best one!

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