Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Schnitzel Queen

237 Queen St E
Toronto, ON

I'm not a Schnitzel expert or anything but Schnitzel Queen has some damn good schnitzel. I live conveniently live about a 3 minute walk away from here and I've known about Schnitzel Queen for the past 5 years but I haven't stopped, maybe it was cause it was the location or maybe it doesn't have the buzz it deserves. It wasn't until my cousin wouldn't stop raving about how good their schnitzel was, I knew I had to give it a try.

This little place mainly is a take out joint but they do have 4 bar stools if you wanted to stay, super homey.

This is the first visit so I just got the regular sandwich which had mayo, lettuce and tomato on 9 grain bread. I took my sandwich home to eat and when I opened the box, my jaw dropped and I was in awe on how enormous the schnitzel was. Not only was it huge, it was absolutely scrumptious. It kept me satisfied for a good 7 hours and usually I need to eat ever 2 - 3 hours or I become the hulk. Oh wait, did I mention I could only manage eating half the sandwich? Half the sandwich kept me full for 7 hours!

Their tiny restaurant doesn't have a website so here's their menu.

I'm going to try the dinner plates next time, my cousin says their schnitzel with mushroom sauce and potato salad is the best thing ever!

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