Thursday, May 02, 2013

Buster's Sea Cove

93 Front St E
Toronto, ON

I've been to Buster's Sea Cove plenty of times but weirdly I've never blogged about it. Buster's is located in the historic building, St. Lawrence Market. I love St. Lawrence Market, sometimes I just walk around because I love looking at food and knick knacks.

I arrived around 11:30am and there were some stragglers but once 12 hit, it was an organized chaos. They have one person walking through the line with a mic taking people's orders to cut down on the waiting time on orders.

I decided to get the Crab Cake Sandwich, the sandwich was huge that I could only eat half of it. One thing that I love about Buster's is that they toast the bread.

The crab cake was full of crab with little filler. When I had the other part of the sandwich, cold, it was equally as delicious as when it was hot.

I urge everyone to check out Buster's Sea Cove on a Saturday when St. Lawrence Market also has a farmer's market across the street with local vendors and farmers selling their fantastic goods. It's my favourite place on Saturday mornings and I'm not usually a morning person!

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