Saturday, September 28, 2013


810 Queen St East

Tabülè opened it's second location on the east side of town in Leslieville, this new Tabülè is modern and chic with a combination of rustic and modern decor. During summer they even open up the front windows to create a bigger space.

They started us off with an array of pickled vegetables (cucumbers, olives, raddish and peppers).

We got the Babaganüj, pureed bbq eggplant mixed with lebanese tahini, garlic and fresh lemon juice,  $5.50, to start. Come with some warm pita to dip, it was creamy, rich and flavourful.

I love Tabülè's Falafel vegetarian patties consisting of crushed chick peas, split fava, parsley, garlic, onions and spices fried and served with tahini $5.75. They were ridiculously crispy but the inside was soft with a fresh herbiness.

We got the Kefta (two juicy skewers of charcoal broiled ground mixed lamb and beef with onions, tomatoes, parsley, garlic and spices $14.95) to share. This was kind of a disappointing dish, I had such high hopes for it considering the rest of the meal was delicious,  the skewers were dry and tasted like a not-so-good meatball. I just felt like the dish needed some sauce of some sort, in the end was asked for some hot sauce. 

Overall the food was good but we got terrible service, we had to wave down multiple servers. Most of them walked off not even glancing at us. No one came over to ask how our meal was and it just seemed like everyone was too busy to pay attention to us even though the restaurant wasn't packed.
I had so much more I wanted to try but I'll probably head over to the original location to give Tabülè another go.

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