Saturday, November 23, 2013


930 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

As soon as A-OK announced that they were closing down I knew I had to make one last visit but I guess all good things come to an end.
This tiny shop is the sister restaurant of Yours Truly, serving house made ramen and snacks inspired by Asian flavours like Chinese, Schezwan and Korean.

We started off with the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken Wings), coated in Korean chili sauce, peanuts and served with pickles. For $9.50 you got about 8 wings. Sweet, spicy and incredibly crispy, what's not to love about these wings?

They are finger-licking-good!

We moved right on into the Pork Belly Buns. The bun was deep-fried but the interior was still soft and warm. The thick slices of pork belly were slightly grilled and so good.

Shoyo, $10.5, housemade noodles, chicken broth, soy tare, garlic, duck fat, served with grilled pork belly, nori, scallions, goji berries, seasoned egg.

Dan Dan Mein, $10.50,

Sichuan Chicken, $10.5, housemade noodles, chilled and tossed in sesame & sichuan chili oil, pulled chicken, spinach, celery, scallions, sesame seeds.

As one ramen shop closes, another will soon open in it's place.

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