Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bar Isabel

797 College Street
Toronto, ON

First of all I would like to apologize for the bad quality photos, I had to resort to Instagram.
When the former chef of Black Hoof opens a restaurant how could I not try it? Bar Isabel has been on my radar since it opened last year in the College Ossington area.

A few weeks ago we tried to get a table around 7pm without making reservations unfortunately we weren't able to get a table till 11pm, we smartened up and made reservations for the next week.

We started off with the Roast Bone Marrow served with toasted bread, chimichurri and salt$9, I have a weird love or obsession with bone marrow and I always have to order it when I see it. Super rich and fatty, it's like beef butter!

The crowd pleaser of the night was the Whole Fish Ceviche,  $26, we got sea bream. The presentation  was phenomenal, the skeleton of the fish was deep friend and the ceviche was served on top. Fresh chunks of fish, creamy avocado and thinly sliced red onions are perfect together.

The number one reason why I wanted to visit Bar Isabel was for their Octopus, we opted to order 1/2 ($34) but you have the option to order a whole ($59) octopus as well. Charred, tender and flavourful, the potatoes went really nicely with the octopus too.

But the Highlight of the night was dessert.

The Corn Ice Cream with burnt husk & walnut crumble and spicy caramel, $6.50, was to die for. The hint of corn flavour in the ice cream was just enough, it wasn't too sweet but the caramel sauce made up for that but also adding a surprising kick of heat. One of my favourite desserts in Toronto.

We also got the Salted Dark Chocolate with olive oil,  $6.50. This is one intense scoop of chocolate, rich, thick and smooth and incredibly chocolatey; like coats the back of your throat thick.

We also got the Marinated Swiss Chard with raisins and anchovy for $6 but I forgot to take a picture. it was served cold and reminded me a lot like Korean marinated seaweed, very tasty.

Overall a fantastic dinner but a little pricy, Bar Isabel is definitely a must try in Toronto and is most definitely lives up to the T.O hype.

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