Monday, November 04, 2013

Tsuki Izakaya

35 York Blvd,
Richmond Hill, ON

Another Izakaya but the bonus is that Tsuki is located uptown in Richmond Hill. Tsuki has a large extensive menu which includes both Japanese and Korean dishes and the menu has pictures of almost every item.
We didn't order a lot since it was just Cherry and I,  the food arrived quite quickly after we put our order in.

We started off with the Tako Wasabi, Octopus with chopped wasabi stem on bed of sliced onion, $4.00. It good but not anything special or memorable.

Kaki Fry, Deep fried oyster served with Japanese tartar and salad, $8.00. Seemed a little pricy for 2 pieces of oyster that were cut in half.

Green Dragon Roll, Avocado on dynamite roll, $12.00

Maguro Tataki, Lightly seared tuna sashimi with ponzu, $14.00.  This was probably my favourite of the night but not the best I've had.

Tsuki is a nice option to have in Richmond Hill but everything I tried was jut pretty average and nothing really stood out to me.  The prices are a little higher for what you are getting, bonuses here are that there aren't any waits and that you can actually hear what people are saying.
I hear good things about their ramen so I'll probably come back to give that a try. Also the staff here is very polite and nice.

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