Sunday, November 10, 2013

Zen Japanese

2803 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, ON

This tiny restaurant in a tiny plaza that would probably be overlooked by many has one of Toronto's most authentic sushi bars. I came here quite some time ago so I won't go into detail about everything.
My sister and I treated my mom to Zen for her birthday dinner (my mom's birthday is in June, I'm quite behind on posting), we got a table at the bar which is where the major happens.

We started off with complimentary miso soup and we also ordered the grilled Black Cod.

I got the Chirashi.

My sister got the Tokujyo Sushi

My mom splurged and got the Omaskase Sushi. The fish she got were: Fluke, Sea Bass, Hobo, Sea Bream, Hiramasa, Squid, Hamachi, Medium tuna, Shrimp , Fatty tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Eel. She also got a fatty tuna roll.

Our sushi chef and fish educator.

Overall I Thought Zen was really good, I loved how they informed you on where each fish came from and they offer fish that you don't normally see at other Japanese restaurants. We also got a lesson on the different types of seaweed (did you know that? cause I sure didn't!),  and you can actually taste the difference between the more expensive seafood.
I would probably visit Zen more often if the location was more convenient for me.

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