Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sake Bar Kushi

257 Eglinton Ave West
Toronto, ON

I was recently invited to Sake Bar Kushi to try their newly revamped menu, Kushi Izakaya specializes in Japanese skewers, tapas style dishes and sake. The interior is lined with warm dark wood furnishings, a large communal table in the middle, and large comfy booths on the sides of the restaurant.

We started off with the Avocado Salad, sliced fresh avocado on mixed greens, $5.

Fresh, crisp and flavourful.

Ebi Mayo, deep fried prawns with mustard mayo sauce, $7. The shrimp was well cooked, crispy and the sauce wasn't too over powering.

My favourite dish of the night was Maguro Yukke, chopped maguro with garlic sauce, green onion and raw egg yolk. It was simple yet very flavourful, and the tuna was fresh and sweet.

Gyoza, pan fried dumplings, $4. I wasn't a fan of the gyoza but everyone else at the table seemed to like them, I wish the bottoms of the dumplings were crispier.

Next was the Tuna Tataki, $11. I enjoyed it but not the best I've had.

Hotate Butter, grilled scallops with lotus root chips with butter sauce, $7. I liked this dish as well, I really enjoyed the deep-fried lotus root, the scallops were good but they were a little overcooked for my liking.

We had a variety of different skewers finished in different sauces, we got same types of meat for each finish; pork belly, chicken, anchovy, and chicken heart.
From left to right: Teriyaki, spicy, and salt.
My favourite was the spicy sauce on the pork belly skewer. I wasn't adventurous enough to try the chicken heart but my mom said it was well cooked.

The Cheese Okonomiyaki, $7, was a hit among all three of us.

This is the Salmon Tempera, I'm not really a fan of deep-fried salmon but I enjoyed this dish.

We finished with the Lobster Roll, $11, stuffed and topped with fresh lobster meat.  The roll wasn't anything special, and I felt like the lobster was overcooked and the sauce didn't do the roll any justice.
We didn't get any dessert because we were way too full to eat anymore but their dessert menu looks very intriguing.

Kushi Izakaya is a great spot for big groups and parties, they have a huge back room with traditional Japanese seating, Zashiki.

Overall the meal was good but the service was beyond fantastic. The waitresses took very good care of us, showing us the menu, describing every dish as they served it and they were just over all very friendly and welcoming.
They also have weekly specials like Tuesdays are 50% on Skewers and every Wednesday is 50% off on Sashimi.

*** This meal was complimentary but opinions are my own ***

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