Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rose City Kitchen

406 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

Rose City Kitchen is a new addition on the Queen West & Spadina Strip, serving up quick and delicious Middle Eastern Sandwiches and snacks. Last week I was invited to a preview of what the restaurant was all about. This tiny shop makes everything in house and also has their own special pita sandwich recipe. How it works is you can choose from 5 different sandwiches and then you have the choice of 4 different protein you can fill your pita with, chicken, steak, falafel or halloumi cheese.

We got to try the Basic Vegetarian Poutine with aioli, tabouleh and grated cheese. A Great take on a Canadian classic. The poutine was delicious, it was light, flavourful and I couldn't stop picking at it. You can get it topped with chicken, steak, falafel or halloumi cheese.

The Falafels (deep-fried patty made from ground chickpeas, spices and seasonings) have a fluffy inside with an incredibly crispy exterior, so good with he hummus.

The interior is small with a few high top tables and stools and is mostly a grab and go kind of place. The atmosphere has a clean industrial feeling with pops of red and black around the space. On one side of the wall there is a giant photograph of Petra (the archeological city in Jordan), the kitchen is open where you can see the gorgeous red titled stone oven where they make all their pitas in.

The RCK original with Steak (humus, tabouleh, home fries, carrots, lettuce, garlic oil, cherry harissa).

The Greek with Chicken (Tzatziki, pickled red onions, tomatoes, Cabbage, Iettuce, oregano, garlic oil, halloumi).

The Moroccan with Chicken (harissa, couscous, cabbage, red onions, tomatoes, almond. Apricots, parsley, chickpeas).

The Lebanese with Chicken (garlic sauce, pickles, lettuce)

They also have the Egyptian which isn't pictured and it comes stuffed with eggplant confit, chickpeas, dates and garlic oil.
Rose City Kitchen is a nice healthy addition to the Queen West area and an alternative to all the burger joints you find nearby.

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  1. I cannot wait to try this place! I'm curious of how their garlic sauce tastes.

  2. Poutine has gravy. This is not gravy.