Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Seven Lives

69 Kensington Avenue
Toronto, ON

Slowly making my way through the Taco scene in Toronto, this time I visited Seven Lives. My sister has been raving about this place since forever! This tiny shop is located in the heart of Kensington and is constantly packed, we were there on a Saturday around 3pm and the people just kept coming. Although the place was pretty busy, the tacos came out in a timely matter.

There's only has one large table that can seat 6 comfortably and a bar table (no seats) along one side. So basically everyone was standing and it was just uncomfortable, annoying and I couldn't enjoy my taco to it's full potential!

We got the Pulpo On Mole Verde, an octopus taco with a pumpkin seed mole; and the Baja Fish, deep fried mahi mahi with cream sauce. Both Tacos we're $5, their tacos range from $4-5 each and they only accept cash.
Above: Pulpo On Mole Verde. The octopus was cut into small pieces, perfectly tender and had a nice kick of spice. The pumpkin seed mole gave the taco a nice nutty flavour the seed were a nice contrast in texture with the guacamole. I've never had a octopus taco before but this was really good.

This Baja Fish taco is probably one of the best ones I've ever had, the extremely crispy batter incased the moist and perfectly cooked Baja fish. The fish was the star and all the other flavours just enchanted it. Did I mention that it came with two giant pieces of Baja? I basically had to separate the two piece in two tortilla so I could fit it in my mouth.

All tacos come with two piece of tortillas cause their extremely messy, remember to grab napkins before you enjoy your tacos. Seven Lives lives up to the hype and I'll definitely be back but probably in the summer where I can enjoy the tacos outside inside of a room like pack sardines.

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