Sunday, February 02, 2014

Smoked and Cracked

516 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, ON

Not even a year old, Smoked and Cracked is the new lobster joint to hit up midtown. Michael Kash and Ron Raymer are first time restaurant owners and their doing it right, simple foods but made incredibly well.
The restaurant looks like it was ripped out of a maritime styled magazine; small chalk board menu, minimal decor, wood furniture, open kitchen, and only about 30 seats. I just love everything about this place. Having said that, the restaurant is lacking in ventilation so it was a little stuffy and hot.

We started off with a nice bowl of hot Lobster Bisque, $11.95. The soup is served with homemade crostini.

The soup was creamy, rich, and full of lobster flavour but not heavy, it was pack with large chunks of lobster meat.  I would probably just suggest getting a cup of soup if you're getting something else to eat, it was super filling. My favourite lobster bisque is still probably from Lobster Trap.

My mom got a cup of the Lobster Chowder, $7.95. It was nice and chunky with diced carrots, potatoes and lobster.  I wasn't really a fan of it maybe it was because I drank my lobster bisque first so the chowder seemed flavourless in comparison.

She also got a Breakfast Panini with pea meal bacon, cheese, and egg, $6.95, which is also served with a side of homemade potato chips.

There was nothing special about the sandwich, it was just made well but nothing amazing. The chips were so addicting though, a thicker cut chip which was crispy but not greasy. They were still crunchy the next day.

I got the Breakfast Panini as well but with lobster, egg and cheese, $9.95.  I think this is probably the best deal on the menu, you get lobster in every bite without going over board in price.

The lobster was the star and everything else just enhanced it.

So freaking good.

My sister got the Cold Lobster Roll, $15.50. The picture speaks for it's self, giant chunks of lobster, like probably a whole tail and a half. Perfectly cooked, sweet, succulent with no fillers or no mayo. It was a nice change from the stuff that's usually slathered in mayo with shreds of lobster.
My only personal complaint was that they didn't use any of the claw meat!

Smoked and Cracked has the cutest bill holder, empty lobster claws!

They also have lobster boils which comes with 1 1/4lb lobster and all the fixings, not sure what the fixings are cause they never mention but it's $44 per person.
If you're in the mood for lobster but not looking for the price tag that usually comes along with it, hit up Smoked and Cracked cause they know how to make lobster right!

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