Friday, November 28, 2014

AFT Kitchen and Bar

686 Queen St East
Toronto, ON

Weekends and brunch go hand in hand and it's probably my favourite type of meal. For some reason I feel like I can always indulge when it comes to brunch. I used to work at the East end and I would pass by AFT everyday but never had the chance to try it.

I took my mom here for lunch and we walked in a little past 11am and there were already people ordering. Aft has two different sets of menus; a brunch and dinner menu for the weekends and a separate one for the weekend.

I got the Brisket Hash, slow-smoked beef brisket with shredded potato hash, pan fried with two sunny-side eggs and served with toast. ($15.00)

My meal was alright, I didn't think it was anything special. The potatoes were perfectly cooked with part of the hash being crispy and the middle being soft. I thought the brisket was going to be more like pulled pork but it was diced up into little nuggets scattered throughout. I wish there were more tomatoes or something to make the dish more fresh and light.

The Kentucky Hot Brown, house-smoked chicken, roma tomatoes & Mornay sauce served open-faced on thick toast with double-smoked bacon ($14.00).
If you want something super rich and filling, this is the dish to order. The Mornay sauce is a ultra thick creamy sauce, it's so buttery, creamy and hard to  stop eating. The chicken was tender and the bacon was crispy. This dish was so good it was hard to picking at it even after being completely stuffed.

I think AFT's BBQ sauces really make the meal, you get the choice between three. Our waitress didn't explain which was what but I have a pretty good guess. From left to right; mango BBQ, a smoky BBQ and maple habanero. I really liked the sweet mango sauce, I slathered it on my whole meal.

I would definitely want to try their dinner menu.

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