Monday, November 24, 2014

Kekou Gelato House

13 Baldwin Street  
Toronto, ON 

Asian style gelato made with real fruit & teas, in house made, small batches, 100% stabilizer, preservative, and additive free? Yes please! Kekou is small gelaeria located on Baldwin Street, minimal decor with only  two benches inside and a few bar stools.

All the flavours were incredibly true to what they are and the texture is smooth and silky. You have choices between dairy and non-dairy based for those who are lactose intolerant. They don't have all their flavours all at once to ensure ultimate freshness.

We got a large to share (Small $3.75, Medium $4.25, Large $4.75) and picked three different flavours. From the top going clockwise: Guava plum salt, Hong Kong milk tea and Jasmine tea. The guava was light and refreshing with the texture somewhat similar to Asian pear. The HK milk tea felt like I was licking the actual drink. The Jasmine tea was floral in flavour without being soapy and it was nice and creamy.

You can also get the gelato in waffle cones with nori (seaweed) or sesame.

I can honestly say Kekou is my favourite ice cream/gelato place in toronto! They offer and encourage sampling of flavours, I took advantage of this and actually tried Durian! I must say durian is an acquired taste and not for me but hey at least know I kind of know what durian taste like!

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