Friday, November 21, 2014

Millie Creperie

161 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON

This little three tabled restaurant located at Kensington Market serves up Japanese style crepes, not only do they have sweet dessert ones they have absolutely delicious savoury crepes.  The thing the attracted me to come was the Mille Crepe cake which is notorious to Lady M, unfortunately they weren't selling them by the slice that day.

Instead we got the Japanese special, strawberry, azuki, green tea gelato, macha sauce & chipped cream ($6.75). The crepe is a little thinner compared to your traditional crepe. The green tea gelato was really good, just a sold yummy crepe.

The favourite of the day was the Pork Belly Okonomiyaki, cabbage, carrot, okomoni sauce, Japanese mayo, bento flakes, and miso-braised pork ($8.00). You had me at pork belly, everything about this crepe was on point. The miso-braised pork belly was definately the star though, the fat just melted in your mouth and the meat was so tender and flavourful, just serve me a bucket of that please!All the flavours blended so well together, a great crepe to share (if you don't mind spit swapping) or even a quick light lunch.
The picture does this crepe no justice. They were generous with the portions of sliced pork, even after finishing the crepe you didn't feel groggy or like you just ate chucks of fat.

In store they have a lot more choices for their savoury crepes and I can't wait to come back to try more! 

The only complaint I have with the savoury crepe was the crepe vessel, they use the same wax paper wrapping as they do with the sweet ones so it's hard to hold a piping hot crepe. We had to play hot potato with it and by the end of the crepe all the pork fat was pooled at the bottom or had already dripped on your freshly washed pair of jeans.

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