Monday, December 08, 2014

Han Ba Tang

4862 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON 

Han Ba Tang is one of the new restaurants in the Yonge and Sheppard area, they opened up this past May serving up Korean fusion tapas. "Han Ba Tang" means "one full round", weather it's one full round of laughter, food or drinks.

The interior of the space has quite the industrial feel with the bare exposed bricks, scrap metal wall and reclaimed wood pieces. The mismatched chairs and lighting give the space somewhat of a warm, cozy atmosphere.My favourite part was the giant custom Han Ba Tang sign right as you walk in.

The cocktails range from $8-10 each.

Butter poached lobster with creamy tomato sauce.

Spicy Chicken with Fondue, grilled chicken in a sizzling plate with a mix of rice cakes, onions & carrots with a side of creamy cheese fondue.

Black Squid Ink Pasta, squid ink pasta, mussels with a house made gochujang cream sauce topped with a Korean beef cake.

Kalbi & Spicy Pork Tacos, grilled kalbi and spicy pork on a bed of shredded cabbage with red onions and a light house aioli.

Kimchi Fries with Bulgogi, extra crispy fries topped with kimchi, aioli, gravy, sizzling bulgogi & green onions.

Chilli Shrimp, lightly battered shrimp dipped in sweet chilli sauce.

Spoon Pizza, mashed sweet potato "crust" with vegetables, tomato sauce topped with cheese and bacon or kimchi.

Spicy Seafood Soup, a spicy seafood soup with shrimp, mussels & crab with Korean Ramyun.

My favourite dishes of the night included the black squid ink pasta, spicy pork taco, chilli shrimp and kimchi fries.
The pasta was deliciously creamy, pasta was perfectly cooked and the sweetness of the beef patty was the perfect contrast to the savoury cream sauce.

Although the tacos were both good, the spiciness of the pork taco was on point! I couldn't stop eating and actually wanted more, I'll definitely be back for the tacos.

The chilli shrimp were ultra crispy and I loved the sweet and spicy sauce it was coated in.

The kimchi fries were hard to resist, ultra crispy fries that stayed crispy even at the bottom of the plate. I could honestly eat a whole bucket of just plain fries.

Not only does Han Ba Tang have great food, they have a great selection of drinks. HBT offers house infused soju called "soju flights", for $15 you get a selection like apple cinnamon, strawberry, pineapple, citron, ginseng, etc.

*This was a complimentary meal. The opinions in the post, as always, are my own.*

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