Saturday, March 28, 2015


230 Adelaide Street West

I cannot speak highly enough about Copa by Sea, I've never been so impressed with the quantity and quality of food and service at a buffet. The concept of the buffet is the same as their upstairs restaurant, Copacabana Brazilian Steak House. There's open concept kitchen that lets you see and smell what the chefs are grilling.
There was an endless amount of crab legs, smoked salmon and shrimp cocktail near the bar area but wait, save room for everything else!

You can also order from the "a la carte" menu which consists of a selection of ceviche, sushi rolls (dynamite, spicy tuna etc.), nigiri sushi and PEI oysters (4 per person). I wasn't a big fan of the ceviche so I would recommend skipping it all together, a little too sour with a bitter taste at the end but everything else was good & fresh.
The side dishes don't end yet, you can get french fries, onion rings, fried calamari, soba noodle salad, corn bread and lobster & shrimp mac n cheese! All the sides were pretty standard but the lobster mac n cheese is a must try!

Okay, let's just take in how much food that was and we haven't even gotten to the main attraction. Let's talk about the Rodizio (grilled over a charcoal flame and served tableside), firstly you don't even have to get out of your seat to get food cause the food comes to you! My long list of personal favourites were the garlic shrimp, teriyaki salmon, black cod (I could eat my weight in it), fillet of branzino, umadashi scallops, ribeye, beef ribs (so incredibly tender), lobster & shrimp mac n cheese, crab legs and fried banana.
pictured; Bacon wrapped cod
On my plate I had part of a lobster & cheese biscuit, garlic shrimp, bacon wrapped cod, teriyaki shrimp and lobster & shrimp mac n cheese. Everything was cooked so well, probably better than most restaurants in Toronto.
If you're sick of all the seafood, you can get the buttermilk ribeye that's grilled to perfection.
pictured; umadashi scallops

If you have room for desserts, the two options are grilled pineapples or fried banana that's coated in cinnamon sugar then drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce.
The service was great too, they would periodically come and change your plate so flavours don't mix
too much, everyone was friendly and attentive. They're having a limited time price for $30 per person (super great value) but if you miss that you can come back on your birthday with friends and eat for free (might be for a limited time as well). I've never written a post so quickly before because I never felt so passionate about a restaurant and their price to food quality ratio but I highly recommend checking out Copa by Sea!

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  1. We got great service at this place (we came here for the holidays) and possibly the best service we've ever gotten. We were asked about beer, bread, and food right before it ran out every time and the servers at Boston restaurants worked together to make sure we were never waiting.