Saturday, July 18, 2015


5975 Mavis Rd
Mississauga, ON

A few weeks ago I got invited to dinner at Tandoori Flame in honour of the Halal festival that was happening that weekend, I visited the Mississauga location (they also have another location in Brampton). Tandoori Flame is North America's largest Indian buffet, as the serve up 150 different varieties of food. As we walked into the incredibly large and beautifully decorated restaurant we were greeted by the host, the warmth of the spices and savory smells full up your nose and your mouth immediately starts salivating.
We get a quick tour around the buffet before getting seated, the general mangers shows us around to the 4-5 different rooms the have at the restaurant. Each room capable of seating 100+ guests, perfect for special occasions.

Tandoori Flame serves only halal-certified food, everything is made in house with fresh ingredients.
Salad Bar which includes some Indian salad but also pasta salad, regular leafy salads and corn salads for the less adventurous types.
They have all whole section for just their curries, I believe there was around 14 different types which include non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. Butter chicken, Goat curry, Chicken Biryani, Daal, and several types of Paneer.

The amount of food and variety at Tandoori Flame is incredible, I've never had such a hard time deciding what I wanted to eat next. Even though the selection is so great my favourites were the butter chicken, nann (they have 3-4 different varieties!), vegetable pakoras, Palak paneer, a lamb curry and the desserts. My only complaint was that the fried items were a little cold, probably because I did go on a Tuesday night and it wasn't that busy but the flavours were still good.

M-F (lunch) - $13.99       Sat-Sun (lunch) - $22.99
M-F (dinner) - $19.99      Fri-Sun (dinner) - $22.99

* This meal was complimentary and all opinions are mine.

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  1. The Chicken Biryani at Tandoori flame is awful. That's actually not a Biryani. They are preparing some kind of rice and mixing some left over chicken pieces from the buffet in that rice. The chicken biryani tastes really bad. They even advertise as Exotic Indian Biryani in the Take Out Menu. It's the same awful Biryani. Don't buy, its not fresh.