Monday, September 14, 2015


360 Highway 7 East, Unit 3
Richmond Hill, ON

The Grilled squid, $7, was tender and not chewy. There was a slight smokey flavours from the grill and the sauce wasn't too salty.

From top left going clock wise: Pork Cutlet Tonkotsu Ramen (changed soup base from Pork Cutlet Curry Ramen), Hokkaido Ramen & House Tonkotsu Ramen.

Not really a fan of the curry but the restaurant name does indicate that it's a ramen shop and not curry shop. The pork cutlet was on point, someone once told me that you can tell if a restaurant is good by how delicious their pork katsu is. It was nicely golden brown with an ultra crisp exterior and the pork itself was tender and juicy (I hate that word).

My broth was tongue burning hot, just the way I like it and the noodles were thin and had a nice chewy texture. I opted to get the House Speical Tonkotsu Ramen, bbq pork, egg, green onion, black fungus, corn, fishcake & seaweed, $8.50. Overall the ramen was good, no comparision to Sansotei or Santouka but a nice option for people who want to satisfy a ramen craving without heading downtown.

Koi Sakana serves up one of the better ramens uptown.

Update: I've been back quite a number of times and Koi really hits the spot when you're craving quality ramen uptown!

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