Tuesday, February 16, 2016


4775 Yonge Street, Unit 114
North York, ON

As of November 1st, 2015, the franchise agreement between Kinka Family Inc. and Kitanoya Marketing Corp ended which resulted in the Toronto Guu Izakaya locations being renamed to Kinka Izakaya. Formly known as Guu Izakaya, Kinka has been one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Last summer the they opened their third location in North York which makes all the uptown kids much happier.

Kinka North York is probably my favourite Kinka to visit, large floor to ceiling windows (which open out to the patio) gives the restaurant a nice airy atmosphere perfect for summer and winter alike.

Salmon Oshizushi (blowtorched Atlantic salmon pressed sushi) & The daily special of Deep Fried Okra. The Salmon Oshizushi is one of my favourite dishes to order at Kink North York (I think it's exclusive only to this location). The smokiness from the blowtorch & the ginger and green onion garnish gives a nice contrast to the fatty salmon and soft lightly sweet rice.
It was my first time ordering the deep fried okra with matcha salt and I thought it was a bust, the batter was too thick and not crispy. I also couldn't get the right ratio of matcha salt to okra, it would either be too bland or way too salty.

The Kinka Scotch Egg was also another daily special which I thought was fantastic, the sweet creamy sauce complimented the scotch egg perfectly.
Other favourites that are must tries are Scallop Sashimi Salmon Oshizushi and Takoyaki.

I love the Takowasabi (marinated octopus with wasabi stem) from Kinka.
There's plenty of other favourites, I highly recommend visiting with a party of 3 - 4 people so you can order a variety of different dishes without having too much of one item.

The name “KINKA” means “Golden Flower” which symbolizes “Happiness” in Japanese. At KINKA IZAKAYA our mission is to serve each and everyone of our guests "happiness" with both our mouth-watering dishes and our highest quality service. This is why our friendly and energetic staff is an integral part of what makes KINKA IZAKAYA extraordinary and a cut above the rest.

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